Upon extensive scientific research, our Mental Enhancement App has been engineered to enhance its user's cognitive abilities. It does this by targeting four main fields of cognition: Memory, Computation, Evaluation, and Attention. There is a timed game for each field. All games test the user's performance, and denote their efficiency by outputting a score once the game is over. If the user plays each game regularly, they should see an increase in their score for each game over time. This indicates an increase of cognitive efficiency; the ratio of knowledge acquisition to time spent acquiring said knowledge. By enhancing the user's cognitive performance and enforcing a more capable mental capacity, our Mental Enhancement App is a vital tool in one's cognitive development, and certainly assists its user's day-to-day efficiency when it comes to making accurate decisions and acquiring knowledge.
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One powerful use of the Mental Enhancement App is its ability to treat dyslexia and dyscalculia sufferers. Whilst these two conditions cannot be cured, the Mental Enhancement App aids sufferers by targeting their memory and attention. Dyslexic and dyscalculic individuals often have trouble with their visual attention when it comes to letters and/or numbers, many rely on memory. Our app has games designed to target areas of cognition related to these abilities, alleviating the symptoms felt under the two conditions. Using the Mental Enhancement App regularly trains the user's brain to help overcome the difficulties faced with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Our app is most effective in combating visual dyslexia, alternatively known as surface dyslexia. This can also be seen by the user, as an increase in their scores in games such as 'Computation' (especially for those who are dyscalculic) and 'Evaluation'. It is recommended that individuals with either condition seek treatment immediately, as this helps decrease the severity of the condition. Therefore it is extremely beneficial for younger users to utilize our app, as it'll certainly provide an effective treatment whilst acting as a mobile source of entertainment.
Though some may claim that a specific game or app can help cure or treat dementia; this is not true. Forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, can only be treated using pharmaceutical drugs. Despite this, the Mental Enhancement App is capable of preventing cognitive decline in older individuals. As we get older, our 'brain cells' begin to die, and in most cases they don't regenerate. This is a natural process, and generally results in poor decision-making and memory-recall. To combat this effect of aging, the Mental Enhancement App exercises the prefrontal cortex; a primary structure for cognition in your brain. Neural pathways related to cognition are strengthened as a result of synaptic plasticity. Whilst no game can prevent the natural deterioration of one's cognitive abilities, our app is an exceptional method of keeping individuals of all ages at their optimum mental efficiency.
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Purely focussed on enhancing the user's cognitive efficiency, the Mental Enhancement App has no in-game distractions to disrupt the user's experience. The Mental Enhancement App is available for free, with no ads or payments. Currently available on Android devices, coming to iOS and Windows. Supplement your intelligence today with CET's Mental Enhancement App.

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